Three Sisters Dog Sitting

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What vaccines do you require?

We require that your dog be up-to-date on his/her Core vaccines (rabies & DHPP) as recommended by your vet. We also require your dog be updated in his/her Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. For frequent boarders, we highly recommend the Bordetella every 6 months. Please fax (360-249-6488); text (360-591-6559); or bring hard copies of current immunizations. 

2. Do you require my dog have the Leptospirosis vaccines?

We recommend discussing with your veterinarian. 

3. Do you take young puppies?

Yes, we take puppies after they have had their 3rd round of vaccinations (usually between 13-16 weeks old). 

4. Do you take all breeds?

The only breeds we do not take for insurance purposes include: Doberman pinscher, Rottweiler, Chow-Chow, pit-bull (mixes of these breeds are acceptable). 

5. What should I bring for my dog?

We recommended you bring your dog's food as its not good to change their diet suddenly. We have cots, bowls, and bedding at our facility but you are welcome to bring your pet's favorite bed, toys or treats. 

6. What payment methods do you accept?

Cash or check. 

7. Do you allow pickups and drop-offs on Sunday?

Pickups and drop-offs are 3-5pm Sundays. 

8. Can my friend or family member pick-up my pet for me?

Yes. We will need your permission and we will need to see the ID of the party picking up your pet. 

9. What times can I drop off or pickup my dog?

Fall/Winter Hours:

Monday: 7-9am; 4-6pm

Tuesday: 7-10am; 3-5pm

Wednesday: 7-10am; 3-5pm

Thursday: 7-10am; 4-6pm

Friday: 7-10am; 4-6pm

Saturday: 7-10am; 4-6pm

Sunday: 4-6pm

Visitors by appointment only.

10. What if my dog is on a raw or special diet?

No problem. The dogs have their own refrigerator and freezer- we are happy to give them whatever you provide.  

11. What about medications?

If your dog takes medication or supplements, we would be happy to administer all medications (except injections) at no additional charge. 

12. My dog does not socialize well with other dogs. Is that an issue?

We are happy to take your dog out for playtime separately. 

13. Will my dog be clean when I pick them up?

Dogs at our facility play in the yard with other dogs every three hours. Between lots of doggie socializing and our rainy weather we cannot guarantee that your dog will be clean or smell fresh. If you would like your dog bathed before pickup, you may schedule a grooming appointment with the groomer next door to us (see question below). 

14. Do you provide grooming?

We are not set up for bathing and grooming at our facility. However, Robin Venn with Vennco Grooming, located next door, has provided grooming for our customers for over ten years. If you are interested in grooming, please call Robin to set this up (360-249-6924). Let her know what you would like done and the time and date you will be returning from your trip. Once your appointment is scheduled, she will come to our facility to pick your dog up and take them to her groom shop. She will then return your dog here where you can pick them up. Note: If writing a check for boarding and grooming services, please write a separate check for grooming payable to Robin Venn. 

15. Do you offer daycare? 

We offer daycare for established clients only on an as-needed basis.